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    We’re working on the most powerful & beautiful Theme Market Script on the market. By far.
TMS - Process
Several months ago, we've started to work on TMS, which is a Themes Marketplace Script.
Though we've published the website and it is already available for pre-order, we are actively working on it. We want to share with our audience the design and development process, so everybody can see the progress and our approach.
Front-End UI
Theme Market Script Frontpage
We’ll have a frontpage builder which will let you define several blocks with custom titles, item number of rows, category and type. Let’s suppose that you want a block to show in 3 rows the Most Popular WordPress Themes from your marketplace. That will be really easy to setup. 
Also, shortcodes (like the total number of items, authors, smallest price, etc.) will be available for use. Featured items, latest additions, become an author, the latest news and Featured Author blocks will be on the frontpage.  Plus all the footer blocks with customizable links.
Here is a snapshot of the frontpage.
Here is the state when the mouse is over a theme thumbnail. We've made it functional and added the See details icon + Demo, Add to Wishlist and Add to Cart icons.
Category Page UI
Here is our approach regarding how the category page should look like. We've paid a lot of attention to details.
powerful filter (on the right column) will be present on the categories pages, allowing users to refine the displayed items by several criterias. This is a unique feature, which other marketplaces haven’t implemented yet.
Each items block has its 80x80px theme preview thumbnail, title, category, author name, version, when it was added, price tag, rating and product attributes. Here you can see at a glance relevant information about the theme plus take action. On the mouse over state, over the thumbnail will appear the View Description, Live Demo, Add to Wishlist and Add to Cart buttons (icons).
Plus we've added sorting and filtering options too, so the user can display Most Recent Items (default value), Top Rated, and Best Sold. And sort that data in ascending / descending order.
We also thought a lot about the navigation between pages and identified a very usable solution. You can define how many items you want displayed on a page and you can navigate using controls or even inserting the page number you want to jump to.
Here is how the default and the mouse over state of the navigation between pages looks like:
Product Page UI
Right, let's get to the theme details page user interface.
As you can see, we've made space for several theme previews images, plus price discounts. We've enlarged the theme description area, so the author has more space for presentation. We have a separated field for theme version.
There is a block with more items by this author + another block with related items. This way the author showcases more of his work and at the same time, the buyer sees interesting related products.
Also, we've came up with a customization block, in which the author specifies for each upload whether he does provide or not customization work and what is his hourly rate.
Upload New Item UI
First, we'll have product types. And each type will have several attributes. The marketplace owner will create all the attributes for the product types and after that will assign product types to the marketplace's categories.
Let's see how the Upload a Product page will look like:
As you can see, it is a very robust solution. It empowers the author to easily upload a product and describe it with a lot of attributes.
The author here has a lot of control over several settings, like price, discounts, availability for taking customization orders at a certain hourly rate, ability to coauthor an item with other author based on a previous agreement, provide a extended license price, etc.
Also, the author can sell all his products for one price, plus a monthly fee by setting up his own membership club.
We'll update this post once in a few days. So, stay tuned ;)
Exposure and more audience is crucial to this project right now, so please like/share it.
Thank you!