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Overdrive - Car Enthusiasts Club Branding

This is how the Overdrive Cafe wall looks like ;)
Overdrive is a car enthusiasts community from Republic of Moldova. It organizes auto related events, legal races, driving oriented road trips.

We had the task to create the visual identity and several materials for the opening party, a drag racing cup and a road trip event.

After they received several logo design inputs from various artists (and didn't liked any of them), we were asked to create a logo which would include the 6 speed manual gearbox symbol and the brand name. We'll skip the process and just show the result.

We came up with a horizontal and vertical version with several variations for different contexts.

Below are a few of the designed materials for the opening event.
A few Overdrive members and guests at the opening party.
Overdrive launched 3 card types for their members (Visa, Classic and Gold). For each of them we came up with a design.
Also a stickers shop was established.
New members signing up.
The Drag Cup Event

We'll just publish some of the materials we designed in a random order.
The Overdrive Weekend Run
Overdrive - Car Enthusiasts Club Branding

Overdrive - Car Enthusiasts Club Branding

Branding and visual identity for the Overdrive car enthusiasts community.