Spot.IM Stickers
Role  Illustrator
Client  Spot.IM
Studio  Freelance
Credits  Art Director – Marina Sokolov
Below are some more stickers I've been working on.
This time for Spot.IM, a messaging app that you can embed into websites and that. I did some emoticons for them as well, but they didn't end up using them—I'm rather fond of them though.
Below is the first attempt I did for the stickers, but they didn't really like the style—so they eventually got scaled down and used for the emoticons instead. I also did a full block version, as apposed to outlines, but it looked rather shite.
The stickers at first also didn't have little arms and legs, but I'm glad we put them in, they look so darn cute with them. Check out the armless and legless ones below—they're just a bunch of damn freaky floating heads.

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