Over the last few months, I've been doing illustrations for Hopper, a flight-price-app-checker-thingy.
I did two sets of illustrations for them—one, their bunny character and two, a whole bunch of landscapes to be used on their site and in the app. You can read more about the app and the launch over on Mashable. Also, be sure to check out the app itself. It is free, after all!
Here's their little bunny mascot that appears throughout the app.
Also had to make sure that all the bunnies would work on their brand colour, which is sort of a hot-pink-watermelon.
Below are all of the landscapes used for the site and app. This project is ongoing, so there'll be many more to come over the coming months.
As well as being used on the site, they were also used within the app itself. So had to make sure they'd crop nicely without looking shit. As well as doing some alternate colours.
Below is where the bunny characters were used in the app—for the little welcome screen.
Finally, below is the promo video they made for this new release of the app. It looks great, I think the animations look fantastic.

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Role  Illustrator
Client  Hopper
Studio  Freelance