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Literary Festival KROKODIL

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The KROKODIL Festival

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Association KROKODIL

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Visual identity for the literature festival in Belgrade, Serbia

The fourteenth edition of the KROKODIL Festival was held in Belgrade under the title The Year of Magical Thinking during three days and evenings in June (from 17 to 19 June) at the open amphitheater in front of the Museum of Yugoslavia and at the Center for Cultural Decontamination, as well as in Novi Sad (on 23 and 24 June) under the title On the Margins as part of the programme arc Fortress of Peace of the European Capital of Culture Novi Sad 2022. It featured readings, discussions, sofa interviews, musical and stage performances, programmes for children and youth, meetings with journalists and audiences, book signings, forums, debates, promotions, online discussions, video projections and conferences.

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Literary Festival KROKODIL

Literary Festival KROKODIL