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International Book Fair Design

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Client —

The Secretariat for Culture and Sport of the capital city Podgorica, MNE

Work —

Visual identity, Branding, Print and Digital Materials 

The VIII International Book Fair in Podgorica, organized by the Secretariat for Culture and Sport of the Capital City, was held in October 2022 in Podgorica. Inspired by the history of the city I did an illustration of the monumental memorial complex 'Partizan Fighter' on Gorica hill in the city of Podgorica for the key visuals. I worked closely with the production team to produce a large amount of advertising material needed for online and print, as well as a branding of the fair, catalog with program and info about publishers, and additional design materials needed for the accompanying events that took place around the city. 

Photos from the main fair event. 

Branding examples 

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International Book Fair Design