Dylon Schroeder, a Milwaukee-based photographer, approached me for both a complete rebranding and new website built from the ground up using newer standards for his freelance photography.
What made this specific project unique was Dylon's push for a black & white style. At first, it seemed odd to build a theme devoid of color but as the images that were selected got added into the site's galleries the, content became easy to navigate and view.
Dylon Schroeder's new site
Image from gallery in portrait view
Image from gallery in landscape view
Contact section of main page
With the site built off of Bootstrap, I was able to create a simple, responsive site that made viewing the content far more efficient than before. Knowing that many visitors would be viewing this site on a mobile device, the addition of a button that would initiate a phone call with the photographer himself also proved to be effective.
Footer with social media icons
The new site to Dylon Schroeder Photography also demanded links to social media pages including BigCartel. Finding a set of social media icons that would both fit the style of the website while having an icon to BigCartel was non-existent. This problem led to the start of another project, a set of social media icons that followed the branding of the selected social media outlets far better than many others, can be highly customized to fit the color palette of a given project, and included a wide variety of networks— including BigCartel.