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OVØ Biodynamic Wines

OVØ, biodynamic wines
One-of-a-kind design

The distinctive design of OVØ suggests that we are in front of an exclusive limited edition of outstanding natural wines.

The bottle conveys the key elements that make OVØ a remarkable range of wines: biodynamic and artisanal production with fermentation in egg-shaped tanks, astral constellations and lunar phases, and millenary Greco-Roman heritage.

While the typography evokes the archaic greek stone engraving, the seamless circular vortex layout recalls the captivating pattern decoration of the ancient amphoras. Star constellations and the Moon's phases inspire the midnight blue and gold colour palette. The silkscreen label design blends with the bottle's ovoidal body.

A unique elaboration

OVØ cultivation is biodynamic, artisanal, and organic; it uses the astronomical calendar of the lunar phases to govern the sowing, curing, and harvesting of the Picapoll variety grapes. Afterwards, the fermentation is carried out using an egg-shaped granite tank, as the Greeks and Romans did thousands of years ago. Granite, in addition to maintaining a stable temperature and allowing micro-oxygenation of the wine, makes the wine acquire the minerality of the stone.

The peculiar egg shape of the OVØ bottle and tank allows the continuous natural vortex movement of the wine, improving its fluidity and eliminating the need for stirring or battonage.

Concept inspiration

Art Direction, Design & Photography
Marçal Prats

Sustainable Bottle

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OVØ Biodynamic Wines

OVØ Biodynamic Wines

OVØ is a limited edition of biodynamic and organic natural wines packaged in a premium egg-shaped bottle that enhances the tasting experience.