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GovLoop Brand Identity

GovLoop, located in the heart of Washington, DC serves a community of more than 300,000 federal, state and local government public servants. The core mission is to help government employees to do their jobs better, and advance in their government careers.

The underlying concept to be conveyed through the brand identity is "friendliness": a color palette that conveys diversity and candor, while Ciutadella Rounded typeface expresses personality and kindness.

GovLoop's editorial publications make intensive use of the bespoke designed icon library, typeface, and colour palette.

Logo video – Rebrand introduction

GovLoop SWAG goes far beyond its simple definition of the “Stuff We All Get”. It’s all about the coolness of the brand. GovLoop’s signature t-shirts and stickers are intimately related to the corporate culture, its philosophy and its tone of communication, friendly and fun.

The leading role in the new identity relies on the SWAG: the freshness and positivity turn each sticker into a smiley and funny character with personality and life of its own that imprint their charm on business cards, stationery, envelopes or even on the packaging tape.

GovLoop Brand Identity


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GovLoop Brand Identity

A case study of the brand redesign of GovLoop, a media company based in Washington, DC. Having as its main audience the community of U.S. governm Read More