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    Along with 5 other artists, we created Valentines from social media posts by fans around the world in real time.
I was invited to be on a team of 6 artists who created fan requested valentines in real time on February 13th & 14th. The project, by Zócalo Group, created a Facebook event, and asked Coffee-Mate fans to comment, message, and tweet their requests
We took the requests, and made valentines on the spot. The images were then posted back to the fans. It was blast to work with such an immediate time table, and to see the reactions of the public to their sentiments of love to one other. You can find all the images here, and a video of extras here.
The pace was exhilarating. We would receive the text, make the valentine, stage & photograph, have it processed, and posted back online -- all in around 30 minutes.
You didn't have much time to go back and forth, or second guess yourself. A quick sketch, followed by immediate implementation. My kind of pace!
Generally, I work with wood. Both the dust and building security did not allow me bringing my trusted saw onsite. It gave me a chance to improvise.
We arrived as strangers, banded together, and left giving each other high fives.
People sure are sweet to each other on Valentines Day. Let's change that to every day.
At one point, my fingers were so sore from cutting, I pulled out some brush markers and got playful.
I was able to make one valentine in advance. You can check out the love-tweet here.
Before I left for the two days, I made sure to leave an original hand crafted piece for my own valentine.