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    I was invited to create a double sided entrance piece to the Miller Beach community in Gary, Indiana.
I was invited by Ish Muhammad and the Miller Beach Arts and Creative District (MBACD) to work on a double sided billboard for an outdoor arts festival, Lake Effect in Gary, Indiana. You can see a photo set here
Not being able to visit the site in advance, I worked with this photo & dimensions. I guessed the paint color and placement, and headed to Indiana. 
It replaced the deteriorating "WELCOME (TO M)ILLER (BEACH)."
It was a fun afternoon of installing. 
Samuel Æ Love & Corey Hagelberg making the install as smooth as possible.
VH1 Pop Up Video Fact: The letters were hand cut from pieces of the State Street Mural (2005-2008). 
It's a lot higher than it looks when you're up there. Trust me.
The reverse.
Ish told me that trains constantly back traffic up at this intersection. It's the perfect place for the message, hopefully slowing road rage.
You can see it peaking through from the center of town.
The piece has become a corner stone of the community. It is featured here, alongside the new businesses opening up in the area.