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This teaser was developed at the end of 2021, we decided to create a project that would allow us to introduce our work in a Pipeline destined to develop visual products in real time. This project does not contain material for commercial use. And we developed it for creative purposes.

We participated in the use of several tools, but the assembly of the assets with real-time visualization meant that we were able to change the cinematic decisions of the final look.

H O W  W E  M A D E  I T

MIXAMO with its automatic character rigging was used in the LEVI ride cycle.
The terrain base is defined by a displacement map, which allowed us to have a distortion in the terrain heights.

The use of UNREAL ENGINE in this project allowed us to control in real time the cinematic and the more complex lighting aspects of the scene.


The sequences finished from the UNREAL ENGINE, maintained a visual aspect that did not require a complex postproduction work, which allowed more time for the development in the color grading and final look of the scenes.

UNREAL ENGINE allowed us to set rendering parameters that we used to experiment in the finalization of the film, for example the use of cryptomate, for the coloring of the scenes, and the use of ZDEPTH, to retouch luminous aspects of the scene, were the only two conventional CG compositing interventions.



Executive Producer: Yanina Flores
Directed By: VAIDDV
Realtime TD: Danny Holguin 
T H A N K S  F O R  Y O U R  T I M E

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