Type Promotion Project: Drum-meta
Pratt Institute / Spring 2011
A typeface promotion to sell to graphic designers. The project consisted of designing three items: a book, a large scale poster, and a small scale piece (which in my case, a motion piece). I was to choose a theme which could relate to the typeface, although perhaps not specifically about it.

I associated “drumming” with “type.” I play the drums as a hobby and I’ve always felt that there is something very “design-y” about it, in terms of segmenting space, the variety and gestalt of sounds, the character and versatility. My goal was to create “visual sound” with typography and simple graphics.

As for the typeface, I chose Erik Spiekermann’s FF Meta, for its distinct character with the slightly flared strokes, but also the versatility to adapt to all sorts of environments.
This poster (36" x 27") portrays a "drum set" with type. The proportions and colors of the subdivisions all connect to the parts of a drum set, appearance-wise and sound-wise.
motion piece