Pepsi TVC Animation | This is a Pepsi Home

Pepsi Meals - This is a Pepsi Home

Home is where you are free to be your true self. Pepsi also owns that spirit of freedom among Gen Z and brings it into the new campaign in Asia - This Is A Pepsi Home. 

The campaign kicked off with a series of 30s promotional videos where we can see the youths in Gen Z drinking Pepsi, lying in the bed while freely enjoying food by their fingers. They ignore the boring table manners to make themselves free and easy.

GudLag is honored to accompany Pepsi Vietnam to create animation for the series This Is A Pepsi Home 30s TVC. The project inspired us to create 3D artworks only for Pepsi with a local mood and tone.

Motion Graphic 

We created the dynamic motion graphics and minimal visuals which are inspired by the visuals of bubbles and liquid of the fizzy soft drinks. The text came up in a prominent size to impress the overall look for the source film provided by Pepsi.


As a result, we completed a series of 30s, 15s, 6s videos in both horizontal and vertical sizes. GudLag took that as inspiration to create more 3D visuals for Pepsi. Let’s enjoy one of those with us:

Pepsi TVC Animation | This is a Pepsi Home