In 2016, Linktree created the link-in-bio tech category with a simple, straightforward design that allowed creators to effortlessly unify their digital presence. With over 24 million global users to our name, we’re chuffed with how far that design took us – but, it was time to level up.

“We needed a design that was future-focused, really flexible and could tell many different stories,” says Linktree co-founder Nick Humphreys, who led the redesign alongside the strategy and design agency COLLINS and a team of Linktree’s brightest minds. “We wanted to do more to respect all of our creators,” Humphreys says, “and tell their incredible stories." 


Everyone from Wiz Khalifa to the Royal Family is on Linktree, so our new brand needed to feel like home to creators of all stripes: a hyper-flexible design that could dial up and down to be as eye-catching and eccentric, or functional and straightforward as the creators it’s shining a light on.

The animated silhouette treatment, which treats two-dimensional elements in 3D space, invites visitors to dive beneath the surface. It works in concert with other graphic compositions to open a window into the user’s digital universe: bringing Linktree’s diversity of users to life by revealing the depth, delight, nuance and multitudes of the creator behind every link. Employing motion to conduct a visual symphony of abstract layers, images flip and move around the screen when you hover over them, expanding and coming back together in a distinctive digital collage. Creating a design that was flexible and adaptable took us on the path of sourcing our own custom global typeface, Link Sans, that can support all alphabets.

With a maximalist visual language, the new identity marks an evolution from a link in bio tool into a brand that encourages self-expression, discovery, connection and community – prioritizing global accessibility for the 1.2 billion people looking at Linktrees each month. While the original Linktree was focused on representing the simple functionality of our product, this design puts its people first.

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