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Centogene Solutions Website

Centogene Solutions
Centogene is a rare disease company revolutionising genetic solutions for patients worldwide.
We teamed up with Centogene to tell the story of their dedication to transforming the science of genetic information into solutions for patients with rare diseases in an immersive, digital experience.

Awards & Recognition

Centogene Solutions

CEO, Prof Arndt Rolfs
VP Marketing, Angelos Baxevanis
Director of Corporate Projects, Lennart Streibel
Marketing Lead, Maria Kammerer
Creative Copy Writer, Ben Legg
Lead Designer, Marvin Schw
Lead Developer, Jesper Vos
3D Designer, BestServedBold

(Behind the Scenes)

Initial ideas were roughly sketched. Each section would showcase a different approach towards patients, pharma and AI based solutions. We wanted the user to experience this highly complex subject in an immersive and interactive digital environment.

3D Models 
All renders where based on the initial sketching phase and created in Cinema 4D. We explored different tones and textures that boiled down to this rough but soft, medical, clean and fragile quality. This defined the look and feel of the entire art direction for the site. 


Animation plays a big role in the storytelling. Every 3d element accommodates an animation timeline and a looping idle motion. Each section required a different approach to create the timeline — some are exported from Cinema4D, while others are created with code. The timeline animations are controlled by scrolling — giving the user the ability to progress through the experience at their own pace.

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Centogene Solutions Website

Centogene Solutions Website