HalfPast hired me to take beautiful designs created by John Surdakowski (http://www.behance.net/avexdesigns) and turn them into IE8+ compatible HTML and CSS. I wrote the code using my own front-end development framework, and the entire work included over 20 pages, each coded to spec from the designs.
Each of the templates was written in very modular and valid HTML5 and CSS3, focusing on clean typography, and easy navigation, so users can very easily find the watch or brand that they are looking for. 
This project had a tight deadline of 2 weeks, and I managed to get all pages into valid code within that time, and meet all of the requirements from the company. 
Unfortunately, the live site is not up yet for HalfPast, so I do not have any live HTML & CSS pages to link to. I will be sure to edit this as they get the site up.