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Is my wife a robot - Season 1 / Part1
Is my wife a robot?
Evidence files.

Always with the goal of exploring the world in which The Robot Next Door project is set and experimenting with various ways of telling stories, I imagined a situation where my wife would not be what she seems .
It was during the first confinement of the Covid19 pandemic, when my photographic activities were very limited, that I sought to continue my (re)creative work with the resources available. So I decided to make a series of short video sequences in which I stage my wife in her own role, except that she appears like an undercover machine, infiltrated into daily life. Then I put myself in the shoes of the suspicious husband seeking to capture evidence of these false appearances, by accident or on hidden camera.
The result is far from perfect or ultra-realistic because it was made with simple means: filmed with an iPhone and edited with Photoshop to add visual and sound effects. However, we had a lot of fun tinkering with these funny little sequences that mark an era!

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Is my wife a robot - Season 1 / Part1
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