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Lychee Beer Label Design for 1925 Brewing Co

Lychee Beer Label Design 
The 1925 Brewing Co 

As part of Non Season Event
(A local artists & retailers collaboration)
Held at Orchard Design

Organised by NAC 
& Singapore Design Council 
Theme: What is your post Covid dream for Singapore?

I was asked to design a special edition label with my dreams for Singapore in mind, post Covid. At that point in time, we were slowly coming out of a lockdown and social gatherings were restricted. 

I wanted to go on a holiday with my family and friends, somewhere sunny with clear waters. Sipadan and Okinawa came to mind. Maybe have a little BBQ on the beach while we sun ourselves. So I designed this label with my sunny vacation in mind. 

Above is the concept sketch. 

I drew beachgoers swimming around a lychee island (that's the seed of the lychee!), with one particularly adventurous lady sliding down a leaf-slide. On the right hand side, I drew a BBQ pit complete with a mat and an umbrella, with a little beer bottle in the sand. Daydreams of lychee abound as I'm lying in the sand, so there are little whimsical lychee balls floating in the air. 

The left panel was left blank for the label, so I decorated it with tropical foliage. 

(Took a picture of the bottles at a nearby beach to suit the theme. One day my dream will come true!)

Thanks for viewing my project!
Lychee Beer Label Design for 1925 Brewing Co

Lychee Beer Label Design for 1925 Brewing Co