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Jungle Darkness - Augmented Reality Filter for Insta

Jungle Darkness - An Augmented Botanical Reality 

This is an interactive AR art filter made for Instagram. 
To play with it, click on the link below to open it on Insta​​​​​​​:
The story behing Jungle Darkness

I am inspired by nature - botanical plants and insects are often featured in my works. During a trip to Sarawak, I was fortunate enough to see the corpse flower, rafflesia and the pitcher plant on a hike in the jungle. Using these as references, I created these illustrations. 

I collaborated with the talented AR team from Gowaaa and these illustrations were turned into an AR filter, sponsored by the Singapore National Arts Council as part of #sgcultureeverywhere.

The plants seen in this AR filter are carnivorous plants found in Asia. You can view more details of each illustration on my Instagram account.

This AR filter was made to be like a treasure box of surprises. When you click on the crescent moon, it glows. Clicking on the moth releases a swarm. The rafflesia grows bigger as you pan around your room with your camera on Instagram. 

All of these illustrations were drawn with fine multiliners and ink. 

Illustration of a pitcher plant
Illustration of a cicada
Titan arum aka the corpse flower
Leopard lacewing butterfly
Drawing the cicada
Jungle Darkness - Augmented Reality Filter for Insta

Jungle Darkness - Augmented Reality Filter for Insta