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Cadmium, January 2014 issue
Project year: 2014
Cadmium January 2014 (short-run student zine)
Published by the OCAD Student Union, February 2014

The OCAD Student Union commissions a different editor for each issue of Cadmium and I was approached for the January 2014 issue. The editor is responsible for both designing the layout and creating/obtaining and editing content.
The design imposes a couple of CJK typographical features into the English-language layout, specifically the italic angle of Chinese italic faces and the writing direction of traditional right-to-left vertical typography. In both cases things are perceived to be “reversed”, thus alluding to a “foreignness” of Chinese typography without resorting to clichés such as amateurish brush strokes.
Except for the requirement that the layout must fit onto a double-sided 11"×17" sheet, a few sections were also required, one being a new episode for a continuing story (i.e., a textual “exquisite corpse”). The story is presented in a mock manga format (in addition to the expected text version) to “justify” the right-to-left reading order.
Physical size: 4¼" × 5½", 16 pages

OCAD SU logo: OCAD Student Union
Artwork depicted on page 4: Biwei Tan, Ryan Pollard
Artwork reproduced on page 7: Larry Kwok
Interviews: Dick Margulis (copyediting-l), Robin Tieu (OCAD U), Stüssy Tschudin (RGD)
Quote on back page: Four Ways to Red by Dave Finkelnburg
Special thanks to Hilary Ashworth (RGD) for directing my interview questions to the right person
Front cover
Pages 2–3, opening as a faux manga to “justify” the reversed flipping direction
Recto page shows photograph of work of several students in the Domestic Ceramics course
Verso shows work by Lawrence Kwok (INCD)
Back cover
Mockup to determine how the final 11x17" sheet should be laid out
Sketch for analyzing the geography of the existing story line (eight episodes written by previous editors)
Sketching out the story
Writing out the zine’s title with a brush
FInal 11x17" layout
Cadmium, January 2014 issue

Cadmium, January 2014 issue

Zine for the OCAD U Student Union


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