A friend’s wedding
Invitation card, wedding programme, and wedding favour
Project year: 2006
Personal project for a friend

Illustrations and art direction: Stella Lui
Back of the invitation includes the selected bible passage on one side and an explanation of the drawings (that I wrote, based on my friend’s explanation) on the other side.
The cover of the programme for the wedding ceremony shows selected details of the drawings that would otherwise not be noticeable.
The readings were typeset with the exact same characters an actual paper copy of the bible would use (as opposed to the characters that are usually used nowadays). The obvious ones you can see here are 擧 and 囘; the observant will also notice other things, such as the way the radical 辵 is set.
The background of the wedding favour is a scan of the pattern on the handmade envelopes (made by some other friends of my friend’s) that were used to send out the invitations.
On the wedding favour, the readings were also deliberately set in a way that mirrors how they are set in actual paper bibles. In addition to the shaping of the characters, punctuation was also set on the side like ruby and the traditional curvy-line form of the citation mark was used (both of these required manual positioning).