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    Artist identity.
I decided to contact the band CliffLight (https://www.facebook.com/Clifflight) who were in need of some visual identity updates. They have a sensual, night-on-the-town vibe to their music which has heavy European dance club influences. I was interested in adding a more mythical aspect to it- sort of like a mythology for modern dance culture. Unfortunately for unknown reasons nothing collaborative came of it but I decided to go ahead and make some designs anyways. Here are the beginning stages, mainly the first draft of the logo.
Preliminary sketches.
Trying to capture the typographic style.
Here are some typographic grids for the band logo.
Some bright elementary colors to differentiate shapes.
The shapes were prepped to be masked into rectangle shapes and then assembled into a cohesive whole.
A rough rendering of the logo. Legibility and use of textures are still an issue but I enjoy the interplay of the colors and shapes.
The logo has become more or less an aspect of a larger composition in progress.