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Canurta NFT | Concept Art
━━ The Story ━━
Earth is suffering. Natural disasters and diseases plague the planet yet humans continue to mine and extract resources at an alarming rate. The biosphere is close to extinction. The animals and humans that survived years of pandemics and chronic disease have inherited a broken health-care system and are stuck with treatments that cause more harm than good.

Most advanced science teams have left the planet in hopes of colonizing new ones, but there is one team of researchers that still believes in saving Earth. They detect life on a planet far beyond our solar system. Considering the urgency to save Earth, the team decides to set off on a goodwill mission called The Healing Project hoping that the inhabitants of the planet are not only hospitable, but also hold the vital wisdom they need.
They make it safely to the lush, healthy planet and discover a lost connection between earthly beings and the mystical Titans they encounter.
━━ Episode 1: Journey ━━
━━ Episode 2: Familiar Feeling ━━
━━ Episode 3: Inevitable ━━
━━ Episode 4: Beyond ━━
━━ Episode 5: Destined ━━
━━The Gallery ━━
Client: Canurta
Year: 2021
Canurta NFT | Concept Art


Canurta NFT | Concept Art

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