Rocket League Tournament IRChampionship Rebranding

Rocket League italian championship rebranding​​​​​​​
We worked with PG Esports and Italian Rocket Championship to rebrand
the italian championship of Rocket League.

In the creative process we focused on the traits that best describe the game and on the tricks' spectacularity.
We were able to design assets that combine the game's innate dynamism with an additional level of energy and boldness.

The lightning bolts are used to break the continuity of colors by creating a surprise effect, while the red and blue grids
form paths that unfold endlessly.

The fluid use of motion design allowed us to create exciting content in line with the target. The creation of broadcast assets was another thrilling challenge, which involved the ability to combine spectacularity and user friendliness.
We completed the rebranding with handmade illustrations of the broadcast crew.

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Rocket League Tournament IRChampionship Rebranding