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The Banca Game
MMA Smarties 2022 Award - Bronze Prize

The Objective
Bancassurance is an arrangement between a bank and Prudential - an insurance company, through which the insurer can sell its products to the bank's customers. In Vietnam, the difficulty of Bancassurance is that it's a dry and difficult concept to define if they don’t have a good mentor at the beginning. That's a reason why Prudential x Tequila from TBWA decided to create a first ever bancassurance 3D game in Vietnam: The Banca Game.

The Solution
GudLag Creative kicked off the project with a 3D web game that explains the dry knowledge about business development in an entertaining way. Players go through the journey of their career by completing different missions, learn new experience and skill by solving the puzzles. The winner will become a Master of Banca and can get a real job at Prudential.

Let’s enjoy our game:

The website focuses on user experience and story telling, where the player assumes a role of a Banca agent engaging in adventures of professional working space.

Art direction
We explore so many art styles for this project. From comic art to 3D flat art, then the 3D art style is our decision what will bring more realistic to the game. 

Player's experience is the key of an adventure game. So we created as many backgrounds as possible to diversify the material to explore. Back Office is a main location where players get new skills and experience to achieve a big deal at the Sale Room. The Player’s room and other rooms are the opening space for players to easily explore.

Banca Tower
Banca Tower is the headquarters where the player tries to complete all missions. We created 4 stages for this building: Beginner Stage, Intermediate Stage, Advanced Stage, Master Stage. The player needs to go step by step to achieve the top of the game. GudLag director wants to combine Asian local style and futuristic architecture together to create a tower that will bring feelings of the familiar and extraordinary at the same time. 

The evolution of character is expressed through the upgrade of outfit when the player levels up. Besides 2 main characters, Paul B. Busschau created a group of supporting characters for this game.

We made a variety of Gold medals with different colors to represent different skill levels. We mixed 3D style with 3D flat art to create a simple medal (easy to recognize at small size).

UI design
We wanted the game bringing happiness and enjoyment to the player. So, we chose colorful and diverse layouts.

Key visual​​​​​​​
Key visual is the scene which shows the result of the journey. We used the golden light and glorious mood to create this epic scene for celebrating the winner.

Prudential | Banca Web Game Design