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Rocamina is an invigorating sparkling water born from the very center of the Earth. 

Legend has it that a mysterious kind of water started brewing deep within the Earth's core. One day, this magical liquid burst into the surface and blessed us with a refreshing beverage like no other. It is said there are secret mines all over the world created to harvest this enigmatic drink, each one with its own distinct flavor and benefits. After Rocamina, the world was never the same.

When this brand came to us we were immediately thrilled by the space and the challenge to create a captivating story. We created a concept around the name which roughly translates to "Mine Rocks". We went deep into the concept creating a visual identity that reflected the mystic story yet still felt vivid and refreshing. 

Our main focus was the packaging, of course. The space for non-alcoholic sparkling drinks always seems to be directed to a very niche market, but our vision for Rocamina was to create a look that everyone could be captivated by. We played with bright and light colors to bring the packaging to life, after all, water is life.