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    An alternative film poster based on Steven Kostanski's 2011 retro horror/scifi/action movie.
Manborg, a film from Astron-6's Steven Kostanski, is a retro action/horror/scifi adventure that follows the adventure of a soldier who wakes up in the future and is tasked with defeating a vampiric overlord: Count Draculon. Joined by a small band of freedom fighters, the group battles their way through a series of challenges in an effort to topple the evil dictator and bring peace to their war-ravaged world.
Manborg Alternative Poster - Digital inks over blue line sketch. 11 by 17 at 300dpi.
Detail of inks.
Colour detail from finished poster.
Manborg Alternative Poster - Completed.
Finished prints - 11 by 17 and limited to 200. All prints signed and dated.