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    An ongoing series of artwork paying tribute to some of the most iconic heroes in genre film.
A year or so ago, I got the urge to make a series of paintings that commemorated some of the most iconic 'final girls' in the horror genre. I was unfortunately in the midst of working on other time-sensitive projects, so I drew a couple thumbnail sketches and filed it away for a later time. I had completely forgotten about the idea when I rediscovered the sketches months later, and decided to try and tackle a "just-for-fun" painting of one of my favourite final girls: Sidney Prescott from the Scream franchise.

While experimenting with designs, I ultimately landed on a layout that would allow me to pit antagonist and protagonist side-by-side, while also allowing me to feature the weapon that was best associated with the film.

The result was the first in the series.
Final Girls & Cinema Survivors I: Sidney Prescott
When I released the image online, I was overwhelmed by the response and how much people seemed to really enjoy the concept. It made me instantly want to go and paint a second one: Laurie Strode from my favourite horror franchise of all time: Halloween.
Final Girls & Cinema Survivors II: Laurie Strode
With two down, I started to come up with a list of all the horror heroes I wanted to tackle. The first draft of the list was enormous - it totaled over 30 films, and I knew it was just the beginning. I started painting more and more of them in my off-time and sharing them across my social media pages.
Final Girls & Cinema Survivors III: Loraine Warren
Final Girls & Cinema Survivors IV: Nancy Thompson
Final Girls & Cinema Survivors V: Regan MacNeil
It was around this time that I realized that I didn't want to exclusively only feature final girls, but I wanted to commemorate heroes from sci-fi and action films as well. So midway through the series, I re-titled and re-defined it. It was now:

Final Girls & Cinema Survivors VI: Kirsty Cotton
The film "Phantasm" has always been a favourite of mine, especially growing up. With the recent passing of Angus Scrimm (The Tall Man) I wanted to make sure that the final product really reflected the fantasy and magic that I've always felt while watching it.
Final Girls & Cinema Survivors VII: Mike
A peak at the initial pencils for the eighth piece in the series
Final Girls & Cinema Survivors VIII: Ellen Ripley
Recently, I got the desire to tackle entire film franchises in this style. My current project is creating a painting for each of the Friday the 13th films. At this point I've got the first two finished, with plans to work my way through them all.
Final Girls & Cinema Survivors IX: Alice
Penciled layout for the tenth painting
The second step - rendering the piece in black and white before finalizing colour
Final Girls & Cinema Survivors X: Ginny
I still work at fine-tuning the overall style, but for me that's part of the process and a lot of the fun. It's been a wonderful experience doing these, and I'm just so thrilled at how much people seem to enjoy them.

Currently, all the paintings in the series are available as 8x10 inch prints on my Etsy page: