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Mauro Mason Showreel 2022

REEL 2022

Showreel of my last 3 years as freelance motion designer and illustrator. All the graphics, the characters and the illustrations are made by myself.

— Some works
Personal project in progress // my role: everything!

Augmented reality Akira poster tribute // my role: poster illustration, motion // soundtrack: TSUJIURA

Augmented reality Blade Runner cover // my role: everything // sound design by Aplitudo Sound Design Studio

AltroConsumo Kids // my role: illustrations, motion

Personal project // my role: design, motion

A2A online and tv adv commercial // my role: design, motion // production by H7-25 Studio

Meno Plastica in Comune, AltroConsumo // my role: illustrations, motion

Hockey Sticks intro, Facebook for Business// my role: motion // ilustrations and production by Moskito Design agency

Gimme5 2021 new app launch // my role: illustrations, motion //  creative direction and production by DEVICE agency

Monday challenge // my role: illustrations, motion

Titanus Museum wall projection //  my role: illustrations, 2D motion //  creative direction and production by ESHU ADV agency

Personal project // my role: everything

Secret project for a fashion brand // my role: art dir., 3D design, animation // creative direction by MOTUUM agency

Animation is the Solution // my role: 3D model, 3D animation // creative direction by Astrofaro

Personal project // my role: 3D model

Personal project // my role: 3D design, 3D animtion, frame by frame animation

Personal project // my role: everything

My avatar // my role: everything

Thanks for watching ; D
Mauro Mason Showreel 2022