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    Character Smynx
BOX UK had a craving for a Web 2.0 site without common clichés like pictures with happy people, so that the site is illustrative and positive at the same time. “This we can do!” - responded Turbo-designers" - “Why don’t we come up with a character that will live on the site?”

Project Smynx was built around the concept of a place where people could share stories about spending some quality time not only on the individual basis but also by mingling together in theme groups.

As it usually happens with this kind of projects, we started with sketches and drew something funny:
Then we penciled a logo:
If you see some funny thing hovering down in a parachute with an inscription at the bottom do not be confused, this is the logo of Smynx.
Most attentive among you will guess right that the yellow creature is a stylized light bulb. The thread proves you right! From the dawning days a bulb served as a metaphor for a great idea! We explored on this concept and made a significant improvement: we made our bulb emotional.
On the site our character shows various ways of having tons of fun including going to extreme.
Well, Smynx is a good lad after all!