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The purpose of LondonClasses social network lies in connecting people who teach certain classes with those who need such classes. The author of the startup approached us for a logo, which would reflect the idea of trainings and display all benefits of the project. The project’s name is arbitrary, since the developers planned for several sites - one for each city or state. Examples: LondonClasses.co.uk, CaliforniaClasses.us, SanFranciscoClasses.us, BirminghamClasses.co.uk.
A person changes through the classes and so we came up with the origami idea - you can fold a sheet of paper into any figure. And our characters can be such figures that turn from dancers into runners and then into karate masters.
Unexpectedly, we all (us and the client) realized that one logo just would not be sufficient - we need to draw a series of logos, so that each thematic site could feature its own logo but all logos would reflect the same idea. So we kept drawing.