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    A marketing collaborative effort to create a new and improved brand for Jenny's Uniforms in Marion, Illinois.
Jenny's Uniforms is a medical and professional uniform company located in Marion, Illinois.  Through a collaborative effort with a team of Marketing students, I created a new look for the long-standing business.  The primary goals of this rebranding were to continue business with current dedicated customers, while also appealing to college students going through medical and law enforcement programs. 
Jenny's did not have a strong identity prior to our team effort with their group.  The re-design of Jenny's logo is intended to elude to the current logo while bringing it into a contemporary setting. A modern script font is used in place of the dated script font and a legible sans serif font is used for Uniforms rather than a serif that is difficult to read from a distance.  
The cross in the logo not only serves as an indicator of the medical field, but it also acts as a plus sign, showing the extension of Jenny's brand into other areas.  This re-working is intended to be playful but also serve as a more professional representation of an up-and-coming business.  The colors chosen for Jenny's brand are based off of the bright but calming colors used for medical scrubs.  This directly coorillates to both their product and the new upbeat feel of their company.  
Select mock-up templates from carlosvilloria.com and LiveSurface Context to showcase work.