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    A new brand identity for Cozy, a family comfort company. Utilizing pattern and color to create a modern and trendy brand for busy mothers.
I worked with a team to create a brand for a family comfort company.  Cozy offers couches that are fully customizable with form fitting, easy to use, removeable covers.  These covers are easy to clean in a regular washer and come in many trendy patterns and colors.  They target busy moms who still want to keep a classy home regardless of kids, pets, or crazy schedules.  
These are my contributions to the project.  Cozy's logo clearly shows how versatile and modern the brand is, while its soft rounded type gives it a sense of comfort.  We created 3 distinct uses of the logo; Horizontal, Vertical, and the Typeface only.  
LiveSurface Context used to mockup project.
Additional Ideation and product development by Daryus Jones-Conley and Katey Karayiannis.