Playground: Marcel Sterk, Daphne Betten
Category: 2D, illustrations, motion design

Story – Message: Change, a though cookie. Rebranding, repositioning, colours, shapes, copy, and don’t you forget the team visuals? Once, Bewyrd founder Marcel started as a lone passionate wolf. Since then, it all went crazy quickly. Small gigs became big projects. Motion Design became full animation projects. Man, it has been a real enjoyable anime-marathon. The office has changed, the team has grown (doubled, tripled), our taste got refined, different scope of challenges. But, we still are the same passionate, picky and quality-minded studio. The Gomarcelsterk to Bewyrd rebranding needed some explanatory visuals for the digital space, to shape the unknown. 

Concept: This is us, Bewyrd, check us out! 

Mood: Unknown, Impact, Creative freedom, Change, Dare to dream, Refresh, Playful, Minimal, Trial and error. 
BEWYRD Playground
Call it a creative botanical garden, a conceptual art laboratory, or a fantasy catwalk: It’s kind of our art department. Welcome to the explanatory visuals of Bewyrd Playground!

The core of Bewyrd is the people that create things worth creating: we’re only as strong as our team is! Hell yeah, we love to collaborate but we also adore fostering the talent and unique capabilities of our creatives by stretching outside typical genres and allowing them to create their own work! Let’s face it: how could we surprise partners with cutting-edge work if we’re not able to enthuse and engage with our own team? Following our philosophy, we believe everyone should find joy within their careers – using their passions, feeling challenged, and working on the creative projects in which they feel most engaged. Because of this, we can continue to strengthen the chain of experiment, innovation, boldness, and trial & error facilitated within our experimental sanctuary.
BEWYRD Office: De Gruyterfabriek
No BEWYRD Studio without this place we call home: the creative hotspot De Gruyterfabriek 's-Hertogenbosch.
You've got the idea, an awesome concept, the first sketch, some bad-ass illustrations, topped with splendid motion design. The story of Bewyrd might need some simple but clear illustrations to give visual context about our story and projects. 
Concept: Marcel Sterk, Daphne Betten, Wouter Wolff
Art Direction: Marcel Sterk​​​​​​​
Illustration: Daphne Betten
Motion Design: Daphne Betten
Let's create something worth creating. 
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