Playground: Marcel Sterk, Karin van Zon
Category: 2D, illustrations, frame-by-frame, motion design

Story – Message: Change, a though cookie. Rebranding, repositioning, colours, shapes, copy, and don’t you forget the team visuals? Once, Bewyrd founder Marcel started as a lone passionate wolf. Since then, it all went crazy quickly. Small gigs became big projects. Motion Design became full animation projects. Man, it has been a real enjoyable anime-marathon. The office has changed, the team has grown (doubled, tripled), our taste got refined, different scope of challenges. But, we still are the same passionate, picky and quality-minded studio. The Gomarcelsterk to Bewyrd rebranding needed something extra, so we decided to create a logo-reveal animation in between assignments and collaborations. 

Concept: This is us, Bewyrd, check us out! 

Mood: Cool, Impact, Masters, Change, Level up, Refresh, Playful, Creative, Minimal, Dope, Clean, Fresh. 
Character development
Mood: Flat colours, minimal colour use, no gradient, thin black lines, minor perspective, minor frog view, stylised shapes.
Concept: Marcel Sterk, supported by all Bewyrd team members. 
Art Direction: Marcel Sterk
Creative support: Daphne Betten, Aliaksandr Lesko, Wouter Wolff
Illustration: Karin van Zon

Motion Design: Marcel Sterk
Audio, SFX: Marcel Sterk, Wouter Wolff, Eugenio Di Giandomenico
Let's create something worth creating. 
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Welcome to BEWYRD


Welcome to BEWYRD