Moving Fourthward
Designer Credit: Spencer Bigum, Ryan Mclaughlin

Moving Fourthward: Atlanta’s Old Fourth Ward district, birthplace of Martin
Luther King, Jr. and origin of the Civil Rights Movement, is an area rich with history, pride — and vacant businesses.

Challenge: Lot vacancies and crime rates are overwhelmingly correlated, sucking taxpayer dollars, decreasing property value, and blemishing the Old Fourth Ward’s reputation.

Opportunity: Over the past five years, the city of Atlanta has invested considerable funds into reviving this special area, reducing crime and restoring the community’s reputation through housing and park renovations, increased law enforcement, and the opening of unique businesses.

Objective: We attach a voice and a visual to the city’s efforts, rebranding the area as an emerging part of Atlanta, educating the community on critical issues, and offering select marketing and design services to start-up businesses.
Brand Book

50 page brand book the highlights all the thinking and strategy for the 04W.
Did you know a vacant lot can decrease the value of property by nearly $7,000.
Crime rates rise each year by 22.4% with each new vacant property.
A neat little navigation bar hides content until a user mouses over the bar, it then pushes
content down revealing a layer underneath the home page. 
Side scrolling navigation intuitively helps users access information about the new program on a computer or an ipad.
An interactive map of the O4W area was created to allow people to visually see all the empty lots, how much they cost, and what other businesses are already in the area. This functions just like a google map.
Interactive blog for the city and people to start using a new way to help facilitate a thriving community. 
Below are images from our research and insight into our working process.
Photos curtesy of Amelia Alpaugh.