3-2-1. Acne’s Done.
Proactive Packaging Redesign
Proactive® has the tried and true 1-2-3 step plan for acne treatment, but what would happen if you reversed that thinking? This is the basis for my 3-2-1 concept. By flipping the three step process, I showcased the main benefit of the product--reducing acne. And still not losing the fact that it works over a three step process. 

I translated this idea into the package design by giving the box and each of the bottles a blue texture made from geometric shapes the skin creates at microscopic levels that fades to white - symbolic of the removal of acne. The front of the box has multiple-level embossing to the label. The words flatten to a smooth feel as you read down the box. Bottle 3 has the most blue texture and bottle 1 is completely smooth--just how your skin would feel after using the product. I chose to target teenage guys because being part of that audience, I never wanted to buy the products that had "before and after" acne shots on the packaging or it looked like skin care for women. With this redesign, it easily gets the point across as to what this product does best - remove acne.

Design: Spencer Bigum
Photography: Peter Hobbs