The Confidants

Branding and Package for Raviv Druckers's TV Film, "The Confidants"

the Branding included:
22 Chapters (openers for each affair), 6 ID's for each Attorney General that participates in the film, dozens of archive photographs that were processed and lightly animated, responses to the affairs, 11 epilogues, supers and subtitles the were designed for the film, and the Graphics for Social Network (Instagram, Facebook etc.).

The subject of the film, and most of its content is based on past political affairs and is composited from dozens of archive photographs (stills and video), newspapers, research and interviews.

The decision was to combine all the archival items (most of them processed) and revealing interviews that were shot in HD, and to package everything with clean Typography and delicate animative treatments. 
The materials are vast and intertwined throughout the film, I'll only put only a few examples here, in the future I'll add more elements from the Package

Chapter (Opener) For the Moshe Dayan Affair:
Chapter (Opener) For the "Yom Kippur" Affair:
Chapter (Opener) For the "Deportation of Hamas terrorists to Lebanon" Affair:
Epilogue for the "Rabin Couple Dollars" Affair:

ID For Aharon Barak:

Design and Animation: Yair Walden
Сreative Director: Ido Blaiberg
for "Channel 10 news company"