Telesofia -

Telesofia Medical is an Israeli Startup working on "Making Medical information clear"

Iv'e been working with them since 2013, as a Designer/Creative Director, Packaging their Videos with Motion Graphics, Animation Color schemes and Typography
This is a breakdown for "MyRX" a unique on-the-fly online system that produces instant personalized videos for each person on how to take their medication correctly, Each video is scripted/programmed and can actually produce Millions of personalized videos (an example full video is at the end)

Each Asset (Text, Pictures etc) is scripted in AE to change for each new drug

An example video (tailored by needs):

Opening Logo:

Index Marker (What,How,When):

Name Of Drug+Drug Picture:

Index Marker + How to take the medication:

Textual "PopUp":

information pop up - Pregnancy warnings+level of warning:

Various assets can also be color schemed to work with partnered companies: