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    Shihara is a sculptural lamp made from the thermoplastic, Sintra.
This lamp is made from the thermoplastic, Sintra. Sintra comes in sheets, so I had to vacuum form it into a corrugated sheet, and then cut that sheet into thin strips. From there, I re-glued the strips at the ends to create a kind of, 'plastic scarf' that could be easily bent and re-formed.  Once I found the form I liked, I glued it all in place.
The bulb felt a little bare, so I wrapped it in Sintra as well.
This was a school project gone awry; we had to pick a designer and design a clock in their style. I ended up picking, Tokujin Yoshioka, whose style seemed very process-driven, with lots of material exploration. Un/fortunately for me, experimenting with Sintra did not yield a clock, but something altogether unexpected.
The lamp was hung in the studio at school, until one evening a woman from the department of Electrical Engineering wandered in, having seen it from the street. She loved it, wanted to know who made it and how it was made, so I told her and ended up giving it to her as a gift for having paid me such a great compliment.