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Collection Box
Playground: Daphne Betten
Category: 2D, illustrations, frame-by-frame, motion design

Story – Message: It’s all about views, light, colour-gradients and emotion. Whether it came from ‘a-drawing-a-day’, client-inspired, team memes or personal motivation, these panoramas are all created in the mood of the day, or the night. Pleasure and challenge are the most valuable inputs for good and surprising creative work, so when pleasure becomes business, make sure the right balance ensures maintenance of the level of pleasure. This portfolio-page shows a collection of individual works or short series-works, rather than full series. For this particular collection-box it’s a typical collection of different styles. Sometimes complex, but don’t forget simplicity, as less might be more. Anyway, enjoy, it’s good visuals for thought, fun and inspiration. 
Concept: Daphne Betten
Art Direction: Daphne Betten, Marcel Sterk
Illustration: Daphne Betten
Motion Design: Daphne Betten​​​​​​​
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Collection Box