Stanislav Gavrilov's profile
TV Commercials (2011)
Funai - Better warranty for televisor
Agency - PZL

Directing - Mikolaj Leszczynski

Karol Zakrzewski: Supervising, Animation, Modeling (background characters and rest of props)
Piotr Korab: Modeling (Televisor)
Bartlomiej Kalinowski: Animation

Stanislav Gavrilov: Look Dev, Modeling (foreground characters), Texturing, Shading, Lighting, Rendering, Compo

Tymbark - Candles
Agency -

Plus - Plusikowe (Steampunk, Samsung Wave)

Agency - PZL

Directing - Andrzej Mrozinski

Karol Zakrzewski: Supervising, Shading, Lighting
Piotr Korab: machine Modeling
Pawel Krzeminski: steam Compositing
Bartlomiej Kalinowski: Animation
Stanislav Gavrilov: Shading, Rendering, Compo

Alior - Bell
My role in the commercial was the creation of the complete asset.
Software: Zbrush, Maya(mental-ray), Photoshop
TV Commercials (2011)