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    a series of fortunate illustrations @ 2013
I have been asked by Create Agency (Nederland) & the creative director of FHV BBDO to participate in "the most important and prestigious project for advertising agencies of the year", a series of Illustrations for the title pages of the various chapters of the book for the Art Directors Club Nederland  2013. 

 This year theme "BUSY MONKS" - some sort of  mythical creatures, born sometimes during the Dark Ages, working fanatical long hours on many things and discover the Sand clock, and the Liquor and the Eyeglasses and typography even, you know the story about the Press right :
- Guten Tag.
- Guten ... Berg! -  
and they discover the Gutenberg Press.

No doubt for printing few Ads ( Ads mind you, not Apps ) for Sand clocks, Liquors and Eyeglasses

​and few prints for ADC Best.
with a lot of  Wacom Tasks and Photoshop Masks.
But surely there probably was a monk, that got drunk on Liquor, 
broke the sand clock and lost his glasses ...
... giving birth to copywriting !
How many monks does it take to make an a ad?
Not now, we're watching TV!!!
The King is Dead!
Long Live the King!
may the best one win!