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Playground: Karin van Zon
Category: Short film, 2D, illustration, frame-by-frame

Story – Message: Wolf is a story about dreams and the tough reality. It’s a love letter to the animation movies of the director’s youth, but also a rebuttal from the director’s adult point of view. There has been a main focus on the background design and specific use of colours. The colour and shape language start of on a friendly and peaceful tone, but changes slowly to a more aggressive colour combination with tones of red and sharp shapes, as the main character continues its journey far away from home’s safety. 

Mood: Wolf, Little Red Riding Hood, Fairy-tale, Atmospheric, Dreams, Gradient, Harsh Reality, Imagination.
Wolf – Rough process:
1. Exploratory visual development: storyline, exploring visual ideas for characters and environments.
2. Final concept art: creating definitive design for characters and environments.
3. Storyboarding: getting the storyline down in individual shots.
4. Rough animatic: adding the storyboard to a timeline to get an idea of the timing.
5. Layouts: creation of detailed sketches for the backgrounds.
6. Keyposes: creation of important poses for characters thoughout the animation.
7. Final edit in animatic: including timing from the rough animatic, layouts, and keyposes for the sketch animation.
8. Backgrounds: full colour backgrounds based on the layouts.
9. Sketch animation: animation of all shots in rough sketches.
10. Animation clean-up: cleaning up the sketch animation to match final design.
11. Final edit: replacing layouts and keyposes in the animatic. Compositing, adding visual effects and colour correction.
12. Sound: SFX and music.

Note: Outlines like above suggest the process is linear. In reality it’s a combination of development and steps.

Concept: Karin van Zon
Art Direction: Karin van Zon
Illustration: Karin van Zon
Clean-up: Karin van Zon, Laila van der Torre
Music: Marco Kuypers
Sound Design: Rosalie Zuijderwijk
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