From Hamburg, Berlin, Dresden, Prague and Budapest
Topic of the exhibition is the train – EuroCity 172, which connect since 1960 Berlin, Dresden, Prague, Brno, Bratislava to Budapest, today also Hamburg.

The main idea is make a connection between states, cities and cultures. It could be thought as a numerous seismogram of feelings thru an mid-European route. Choosen artists are comming from different fields of culture crossing border between techiques, styles and influences. In difersion forms of 2D, 3D and mural painting, drawing, graphic techique, digital media, site-specific forms and performances and textile design we can also search crossing borders between disciplina and profession and other influences: not only from history of art, philosophy or science or medicine. The exhibition focus on visual, historical and philosofical dimension of a train called EC 172 (Hungaria), its socio-cultural and also political background. It thematizes motion, distance, variabilnost as well as free time and game, space-time and vacuum. The travel time spending in our "european" speed, which is not the quickest, not the most punctual, but it is old fashion time for preparation to visit home, work meeting, school examines or holiday. It is the time of many thoughts or dreams.

Typefaces: Beatrice by Sharp Type Co and Grӓbenbach by Wolfgang Schwӓrzler
Bookbinding: Elektroproduct Kft.
Special thanks: Rétfalvi Orsolya (Kézművész Bt.) Sylvia Pásztor, Sylvia Angele, Tereza Nováková