Sophisticates Abroad

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  • Sophisticates Abroad
    Travel agency that specializes in handcrafted tours of USA and England, on British theatre, literature and culture.
  • With their identity they wanted to evoke the elegance and leisure of past times starting from the Edwardian period and British regency to the roaring 1920s and vintage 1950s. 
    Their passion and dedication for recreating the luxury of past times was summed into expression "Quoting the past" which than served as inspiration for new identity. Stylized quotation symbols were used as a light motive. They spread through the materials and provide the needed “vintage with a modern twist” brand look & feel.
  • To capture the nature of their handcrafted and customised tours, logo was designed as a personal monogram.
  • Due to the nature of various tours, different vintage illustrations were used.