UGM / Maribor Art Gallery

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  • "Choose Your Way"
    New Visual Identity
    UGM / Maribor Art Gallery

    Authors: Dragana Ileš & Kristina Ivančić
    Award: Brief Award, Magdalena 2010.
  • Branding concept:
    Choose your way!
    With its very unique shape and location, the UGM represents as the architects  said “a neuron in the cultural web”. Bearing this in mind we wanted to emphasize the connection and communication that needs to be acquired between people and the building. The gallery has a life of its own, down by the river, bridging the gap between tradition and future, which still depends on us. 
    We bring life to the gallery. With every move we make, painting we see, coffee we drink inside its walls we leave a unique mark. Each and everyone of us goes to the gallery with differnet expectations, different interests and according to them, we create our own unique walking/visiting route that changes every time. We have a starting and a finishing point, but everything inbetween varies. We wanted to emphasize this type of communication characteristical for galleries and museums and use it as a basis for the visuals for the new UGM. New visual  consist of lines that a person makes by walking through the museum and visiting his or hers points of interest. Visuals are changeable, as well as the routes wich people make walking through gallery. 
    The whole building is coded through different playful logotypes for every section (New UGM, Creative Industry Centre, Children’s Museum, Architectural Centre, Catering Area, Tehnical Rooms and Garage) that also serve as a signalisation, and a very recognizable motive for the Gallery as an entity.
    Gallery has its own urban, cultural inner life, but only through its openness, possibility to adapt and invite, it can really communicate with the people and the city around it. With these visuals the gallery lives through us, through our routes, it adapts to our interests and together we function in a perfect synergy. 
    We invite you to leave your mark!
  • Main logotype and section logotypes.
  • Gallery stationary.

  • Building’s interior and exterior signage.
  • Advertising.
  • Designed in 2009.
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