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Dubai Internet City
Where minds click

Serviceplan Dubai commisioned us to make a mixed media animation film for Dubai Internet City, the biggest tech hub of the Middle East, a place where international creatives and tech brands get together.

Collaboration is the main concept of the film. Three secondary key concepts guide the storytelling towards the main: vision (eyes), building (hands) and mixture. Mixture in this film is not only a visual style, but a concept: through the combination of ideas, minds, experiences, materials... one can achieve innovation. We developed a very colorful and bright visual style mixing different animation media.
Client: Dubai Internet City
Direction: Magali García
3D design & animation: Iván PaisNacho VelascoMagali García
Cel animation clean up & Color: Cristina Gutiérrez
Music & Sound design: Aimar Molero

Animation breakdowns

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Where minds click