Baijiu, a cornerstone of Chinese culture, embodies tradition, history and status. From the name, 白 – meaning white – represents the purity of this spirit that shares the same first character with the word baijiu. The idea of 8 both exemplifies wholeness and the dynamic and static state of all natural phenomena – a fundamental Chinese philosophy of nature. As a craft baijiu, 白8 elegantly finds the balance between heritage and modernity. A refined formula of 8 local botanicals – inspired by Chinese apothecary – give birth to the hero product. Hawthorne, Chinese date, coriander seed, green tea, shiitake mushroom, honey, Sichuan peppercorn, and Buddha’s hand come together to enhance the essence of this aromatic baijiu. Each botanical is hand-selected from regions across China for its unique flavor qualities.

Great collaboration with Muzi Li on the BAI8 baijiu branding and packaging design.